UM Data Science Research Seminar Series

The Maastricht University’s UM Data Science Research Seminar Series brought together data scientists from across Maastricht University to discuss breakthroughs and research topics that are related to Data Science. We also welcomed interested students, colleagues and industry partners to experience bleeding edge presentations and discussion rounds. The aim was to increase awareness around the university about the data science research of its various departments and faculties, and to uncover new possibilities for collaboration.

With its inception in 2017, we gained experience in the do’s and don’ts of organizing these events. Following which, the 2018 edition of the Data Science Research Seminar Series was successful with 10 different departments participating across UM. We started in January 2018 by fixing the third Thursday of every month as the date for the session and sending out invites to our contacts in the different departments. Within almost a week, all the slots were filled by the departments, namely: M4I, BigCat, FaSoS (2 sessions), BISS, MAASTRO, GSBE, Faculty of Law, TGX and DKE.

The 10 sessions, which lasted 1 hour each, ranged in format from

  • Two talks by a student and a professor
  • A talk followed by a discussion on a hot topic
  • One 40 minute lecture followed by discussions
  • A debate, which was also streamed on facebook live
  • Talks by two assistant professors including Q&A

The topics of the sessions varied widely but all focused on the application of Data Science solutions to research problems. There were talks and discussions on topics ranging from Neural networks, WikiPathways, Crowdsourcing, Social sciences, Big data, Data integration, Data-driven decision making and Personalized medicine, Network analysis of court decisions, Data visualization, Machine learning and AI.

On average, 40 participants attended the sessions. Lunch was provided in each session and the cost was split between the Institute of Data Science and the collaborating department. As a result of the discussions, by recommendation by one of the attendees, a LinkedIn group was also formed so as to facilitate further discussion and exchange amongst participants beyond these sessions.

 We also received feedback from the participants who, in general, appreciated these events, had a chance to showcase their work “in progress” and get valuable insights for future directions relevant to their projects. Check out pictures and videos from all sessions here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IDSatUM/photos/?tab=album&album_id=368703156871341

We will be continuing the series in 2019 with similar sessions with departments across UM and adding an expert lecture series as well. We advertise our events via our facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram accounts as well as on the UM website. Please follow us to stay up-to-date of these events. Also, if you would like to be notified of upcoming events via email, please send an email to info dash ids at maastrichtuniversity.nl and we will sign you up in our mailing list. Looking forward to seeing you at the sessions this year !

Wordle from titles of all talks.

1 thought on “UM Data Science Research Seminar Series”

  1. Reblogged this on Amrapali Zaveri and commented:
    Enjoyed co-organizing (with my love for organizing things) these monthly #UMDataScience Research sessions with my fellow postdoc Kody Moodley with different departments across Maastricht University! Last year was successful with 10 sessions: bit.ly/2FZLHcr. Now on to the 2019 edition!


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